Located across from the historic town common at the center of Amherst, Massachusetts, A. J. Hastings is a third generation owned and operated family business that has been providing office and school supplies to the local community since 1914. We have six full time employees, most whom have worked here a minimum of twenty four years. In addition, over the years, we have given hundreds of high school students their first job experience. In addition to having the oldest full-time staff, we are the oldest store in the downtown area.

With such a rich history we have often been described as a “mom and pop” store of olden days. We are proud of this, and strive to be more. As a company we believe that the success of our business depends on everyone involved: our community, our customers and our employees. We are a member of the Amherst BID whose mission is to promote, enhance and enliven the Amherst downtown.  We are also sponsors (through merchandise donations, gift cards and/or advertising) of school, social, historic and arts events. And, long before there was a state or federal mandate, A. J. Hastings provided (as it still does) full health coverage for its full time employees.

In addition to serving the town, A. J. Hastings has been providing the Amherst College community with collegiate merchandise for several decades. Many alumni will remember Don Hastings (2nd generation owner and member of the Amherst College Class of 1940) who stayed active with the Amherst College Alumni until he passed away in 2005.  We are proud of our close, though informal, relationship with the College and we are committed to providing merchandise that reflects tastefully on that institution. In the fall of 2016 we added the newly minted and licensed Mammoth logo and typefaces to the Amherst College merchandise.

The University of Massachusetts at Amherst is just a mile to the north of us.  We carry quite a lot of UMass collegiate gear, and a number of our staff, including our current owner, graduated from there.

When you order from our website you are ordering from us, from our small store with big ideals. After we receive your order we pull your items from our stock, pack them up and ship them out. When you call during business hours you will not only reach a real person, but most likely you will be able to speak directly to the one in charge of getting you what you want. We are a hands on operation. We have been open every day of every year since 1914. We appreciate your business. Please stop in the next time you are in town. We’d love to meet you face to face.

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